The importance of sports in the life of a student is invaluable. Sports play a vital role in the make up of a young athlete. Sports teaches us the values of discipline, responsibility, fitness etc. We believe in order for this to happen, school sports programs must have a multiple choices of indoor & outdoor activities.

Here in Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya we focus on helping and shaping our students with proper coaching of various sports and games and also in their participation at various levels.

Sports played in the school premises-


·Horse Riding







Detalied insight is given for each sporting activity with respect to

·On field practice

·Visits to stadiums

·Inter-school tournament participation

·Access to sports related books in the Library.

·Inculcating team spirit, positive competitive spirit and leadership skills that lead to character building.

·Identify the inherent capability of the child in selected sports and provide specialized training in those areas.

·Represent the school in inter-school, State-level, Zonals & National level competitions.







Education is a medium which not only develops the mental capacity of a child but also its physical capacity. This fact which is overlooked by most of the schools today was realized by Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj & so he started the Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya with this outlook. Today the name of this school is synonymous with excellence in sports, especially football.

The school has produced many well-known sports personalities who have proved their mettle in various sports at district, state, national and international levels.

To name a few :-

Yugandhara Shirke- Swimming [SGFI National Level, CBSE National Level]

Gaurav Chavan- Swimming [SGFI National Level, CBSE National Level]

Siddhavi Mane – Skating [CBSE National Level]

Vedangi Kadam – Speed Ball [SGFI National Level]

Shrushti Kothiwale- Table Tennis [SGFI State Level, Bronze in CBSE West Zone Cluster9]

Eeshha Pawaskar- Table Tennis [SGFI State Level, Bronze in CBSE West Zone Cluster9]

Rutuja Apte - Table Tennis [SGFI State Level]

Yashraj Patil – Skating [SGFI State Level]           




                                                                              SELECTED FOR THE  WIMBLEDON.

Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya, is proud to share that our student Aishwarya Jadhav, Std 9th is the only Indian selected in Asian team to play at Wimbledon.

In just 6 weeks, she won 8 trophies at different cities of India under 14 & 16 Singles & Doubles Lawn Tennis.

From 07th January 2022 - 4th March 2022.

1) Girls Under -16 SS Singles held at Jhajjar

2) Girls Under -14 SS Singles & Doubles held at Jhajjar

3) Girls Under -16 Doubles NS held at Hyderabad

4) Girls Under -16 NS Singles & Doubles held at Jalandhar

5) Girls Under -14 SS Doubles held at Jhajjar

6) Girls Under -16 NS Doubles held at Hyderabad.

7) Girls Under -14 won the Double Crown by winning both the titles Singles as well as Doubles, Jhajjar Haryana

8) Girls Under -16 winning the Doubles Title of Girls Under -16 held, Hyderabad






                                                                                                       Sports Day 2018-19


































Our student Vansh Ganesh Vatkar, performed a 13 min skating dance on patriotic song and made a Guinness Book of World Record. Also was a part of 121 Hrs relay skating marathon and made 6 different records such as, Limca book of records, Asia book of records, World record India, Unique world records, Indian achievers book of records, India book of records.