Digital Library



            Digital Library-

            Our school is providing facility of Digital library which includes various books in digital format. The E- Library lab includes 20 client terminals and a server. Students and staff members are utilising this facility from 1st June 2015.


Johan Brown Digital Library

        The Institution in Collaboration with Johan Brown Publishing has established a Johan Brown Reading Proficiency Center and Digital Library with over 1,00,000 Books. This has Books with over 52 Genres like Classics, Mystery, Drama, Detective, Homor, SciFi; subject books, reference books, books on hobbies, comics etc.

        These books enhance Reading Comprehension, Reading Speed, Memory Skills, Concentration Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Vocabulary, Social and Emotional Intelligence and boost short term and long term memory. Books can be read in standalone mode on any tablet, phone or computer/laptop. BookWRAM dongles are used to take any book collection home.