The School celebrates festivals, anniversaries and different days.

Ganpati Installation

Every year the privilege goes to std IX and it's a joy to see the way students of all religions come together and celebrate this function. A Satya Narayan Pooja is performed entirely by the students.

Dahi Handi

Amidst great fanfare the students enjoy breaking the Dahi-Handi.


It is celebrated with attendance at the historical Dasara Chowk. Navratri, Diwali, Christmas & Rang Panchami are also celebrated with great enthusiasm revelry.

The tradition continues every year giving the students insight into the Indian culture with hands-on-experience.


1. Inter House Competitions :-- They are held to train students in various artful skills like Flower Arrangement, Vegetable Decoration, Rangoli, Mehendi and Fruit Carving.