Saying good-bye is not easy. Farewell the word itself suggests the send off & CSV for last more than 25 years gives the best & life long memorable farewell parties to its students which lasts in the minds forever & ever with its lovely & cherishing moments.

            The school celebrates farewell of 10th std in a grand way in the month of February.

            All the parents are invited to witness the grand ceremony, the passing out parade, where various leaders are appointed for the next session & the old leaders hand over the charge to the new appointed leaders.

            Special dinner party is arranged where students spend their time along with staff & the members of Royal family along with the committee members & a few guests.

            There is so much to be enjoyed & remembered for the years to come.

            This event which makes the beginning & future of CSVians truly is unforgettable.


            And hence the word farewell which expresses sorrow becomes promising for the bright future of CSV students to excel in every field of life.