Prospectus of Std 1 to 10 2021-2022



English Medium Co-educational School

CBSE Affiliation No. 1130396

Address :- New Palace Area, Kolhapur - 416003.

Office Tel. Nos. - 2664184, 8669630988

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PROSPECTUS 2021-2022

1st to 10th






Dr. L. RADHAKRISHNAN, Ex-Head of the Maths Dept., Shivaji University

Dr. Y. S. THORAT, (Ex Chairman, NABARD)





Though an English medium school, due importance is given to Hindi and Marathi languages also. We impart activity-oriented education with stress on situational teaching and practical training. We have adopted a system, which gives more importance to the learning process than to the teaching process.

Our aim is not only to maintain high academic standards but also to promote excellence in sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Developing of soft skills is also our priority.

Another of our important aims is to deepen the awareness of Indian heritage and culture in the students. We are also keen on imparting value education, so that our students grow up into sensitive and responsible citizens, with an enlightened sense of social justice and equality.

A serious action will be taken against misbehaviour, bullying and ragging.

The School has adopted the “No-Homework-Policy” for Standards I and II





       We follow CBSE’s NCERT curriculum.

Audio Visual Computer Aided teaching sessions.

The primary school has digital classrooms for stds. 1 to 4 equipped with screens, projectors and CD’s on all subjects. Standards 5 to 10 are using latest technology. This ‘smart class concept’ of using E-learning is implemented.

The school has access to the ‘E-library’ consisting of 20 computers containing approximately 1,70,000 E-books which are available to students of all classes. The books have animation and can be downloaded to carry home. Guidance for - Elementary & Intermediate Drawing Exam – Maths and Science Olympiad Exam Std 2 to 10 - Classical Dance Exam.- Classical Singing Exam. Guidance for - MTSE - NTSE  - Dr. Homi Bhaba Young Scientist Exam for Std. 6 and 9 - AISMTA exam for std. 2 to 9.Geeta Mata Sanskrit Exam. - Green Olympiad - Science Foundation Exam.



The school encourages students to participate in different games and sports.

It has special facilities for coaching and participation in Football, Basketball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Athletics, etc.



Classical Singing - Classical Dancing (Kathak & Bharat Natyam)-Instrumental Classes - Debating.

T.C.F. Tara Commando Force - (NCC pattern activity for girls) combined with trekking, mountaineering skills & adventure activities in the Himalayas and Sanhyadris - visits to various army units and institutions -participation in Republic Days activities. Computers - Bird watching - Science Club - Summer Camps - School band, School orchestra, School choir etc. Scout and Guide wings for Standards 6 to 8 for boys and girls respectively. NCC Naval and AIR Wing for Std. 8 and 9.



Donations are not taken by the School for admitting students to any class.

The number of admissions available from 1st to Std. 10th depends on the vacancies in each standard.

Admissions are open to the Std.1 for children who are born on or before 31st December 2015.



After admission is granted the fees may be paid by any of the following methods :-

1.      Swiping your credit/debit card (visa/master) in the School Office.

2.      Depositing cash / cheque in the Central Bank of India , Laxmipuri Branch A/c No. 1715673332 of Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum Trust.

3.      NEFT / IMPS in Central Bank of India, Laxmipuri Branch A/c No. 1715673332 of Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum Trust. IFSC Code:-CBIN0280645.

4.      NEFT / IMPS in HDFC Bank, Konda Ole A/c No. 12742320000458 of Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum Trust. IFSC Code:-HDFC0001274


The fees have to be paid as per installments given below:-


The fees for 1st to 5th Standard is Rs. 45300 per annum which will have to be paid as follows at the TIME OF ADMISSION:-

1.      Rs. 15100/- by any method mentioned above.

2.      A cheque dated 31st August 2021 for Rs. 15100/-

3.      A cheque dated 31st December 2021 for Rs. 15100/-


The fees for 6th to 10th Standard is Rs. 49800 per annum which will have to be paid as follows at the TIME OF ADMISSION:-

1.      Rs. 16600/- by any method mentioned above.

2.      A cheque dated 31st August 2021 for Rs. 16600/-

3.      A cheque dated 31st December 2021 for Rs. 16600/-


The fees may be increased if and when necessary.

Fees once paid will not be refunded.



       The fees include curricular and co-curricular activities.

The fees do not include school bus service, uniforms, meals & annual gathering personal expenses.

The school will provide a set of books and notebooks free of cost.



The School timings are from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday for std 1 to 8. / May be revised and informed.

The School timings are from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9 am to 12 noon. for std 9 & 10. / May be revised and informed.

Summer timings may differ from the above.



The School will open on Tuesday , the 1st of June 2021 for std 1st to 10th  / May be revised and informed.

Books & notebooks will be given by the class teachers on dates which will be conveyed to you soon.


Note for Second and Third language:

Second Language

1st to 8th – Hindi

9th &10th – second language will be any one from Hindi/Marathi/Sanskrit

 Third language

1st to 6th – Marathi

7th & 8th – Third language will be any one from Marathi / Sanskrit

NOTE: In case, if the LOCKDOWN continues beyond 31st May 2021, we will begin with the online classes in June 2021 after distribution of books.

Regular schedule will restart, once the LOCKDOWN is lifted.


All the above may be modified if and when necessary.


Ms. Jayanti Indulkar                                           Mrs. Pooja Chopra.                                                             Mrs. Rajshree Patil.

VICE-PRINCIPAL                                       PRINCIPAL                                                               DIRECTOR

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