Affiliation Status



                        NEW PALACE AREA, KOLHAPUR – 416 003


1.       Name of the school with address:               CHHATRAPATI SHAHU VIDYALAYA

                   (Strictly as per affiliation sanction                NEW PALACE AREA, KOLHAPUR.

                   letter or as permitted by the                        PINCODE - 416003.

                    Board) with pin code no.

                                 i.            E-mail                                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                               ii.            Ph. No.                                                   0231-2664184

                              iii.            Fax No.                                                

2.       Year of establishment of school                           01/06/2011

3.       Whether NOC from state/ UT

                    or recommendation of Embassy                         Yes. State Government

                    of India obtained?

                                 i.            NOC No.                                              No.NOC 2008/(93/08)SE-1

                               ii.            NOC issuing date                                   22/02/2009

4.       Is the school is recognized, if yes                    Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi

       by which Authority 


5.       Status of affiliation:

Permanent / Regular / Provisional                        General Affiliation up to Secondary Level

                              i.               Affiliation No.                                    1130396

                            ii.               Affiliation with the Board since            01.04.2012

                           iii.               Extension of affiliation upto                31.03.2025


6.       Name of Trust/Society/Company                SHAHAJI CHHATRAPATI MUSEUM TRUST

                   Registered under section 25 of                                                                                                                 

                   the Company Act, 1956.                                                Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950

                    Period upto which Registration of

                    Trust/Society is valid                                       In Perpetuity


7.       Name of the                                      Mrs. Pooja Tarun Chopra, Principal

Manager/President/Chairman/                Chhatrapati Shahu Vidyalaya, New Palace Area, Kolhapur.

Correspondent                                        Pincode – 416 003.